About Lorraine

Hello My Name is Lorraine Kemper and I approve the following message!

I was born and raised here in Northern California in a wonderful area of San Mateo County. I am a proud 5th generation Californian and enjoy all the California has to offer. My first love is horses and being involved with almost anything equestrian is my extra-curricular activity.

Real Estate started as a personal passion and now has grown into a full time career. Licensed in 1992 to be an assistant enabled me to begin working with people outside of the technology field. I worked for Intel Corporation in Sunnyvale, moved to offices in Santa Clara and in 1986 had the great opportunity to move to Folsom when the facility opened. Working for Intel from 1980 to 2007 was exciting. We changed the world with computing power and I was fortunate to be a part of that. I was in a position to meet people from all over the world building super power computing along with building friendships that continue today.

In 2007 Intel scaled back and sold off the business unit I was working with. I was in a group that was "di-vested". I was no longer "valuable" after all the time I spent investing and working for such a great company, I found myself redirecting my energy to pursue a full time career as a Real Estate professional. I believe many people feel that way about their homes – not as "valuable" and want to give up Are you asking the questions -

  • I would like to move – but where?
  • I would like to buy – but where?
  • I owe more on my home than it is worth and I do not know what to do?
As a Real Estate professional building a relationship with other service providers such as inspectors, lenders, title officers and other Real Estate professionals is necessary in today's market . Today's economy takes a village to put a real estate transaction together. I enjoy my career and proud to be a real estate professional with Insight Real Estate.

My job #1 is to be your Realtor of Choice (Your ROC!). Making each transaction a success for each client is first and foremost. I enjoy what I do and look forward to working with you as a Future Home Owner or a Current Home Owner making changes for the Future!

Let Me Work for You!


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